Due to the current global situation, delivery delays and delayed processing of emails arise.
The delivery delays are due to difficult international parcel shipping. The delayed email support results from the prioritized protection of our 40 employees in our company intesco s.r.o.

- So far, no Corvid-19 infection is known in our vicinity.
-  All incoming goods are stored by us for one hour at 60c in order to completely kill viruses.

We guarantee that you will receive your goods, or that your payment will be reimbursed if requested!

If you have urgent concerns, you can contact me at +49 171 9930430 - also via WhatpsApp. I ask for your understanding - Michael Dolp

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JG Height MKII "Single"
JG Height MKII "Single"
The heart of the JG Titan MKII upgrade - the mechanically height-adjustable "JG Height MKII" IR height sensor by David Crocker.
€62.00 *
JG Performance MKII "Kit"
JG Performance MKII "Kit"
The "JG Performance MKII" upgrade offers Auto Bed Leveling and significantly increased cooling performance in combination with our "HD Tube 1.9".
€109.00 *
JG Cooler MKII "Single"
JG Cooler MKII "Single"
The temperatures are always under control with the "JG Cooler MKII" Radial Cooler System and the 360 ​​° "JG F-Duct".
€39.00 *